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Falcon Food & Spirits is run by mother and daughter team, Lynda and Lisa.

We started Falcon Food & Spirits Ltd in 2012 after seeing a product we’d never seen before at an events show. We loved it, our friends and family loved it but it wasn’t locally available in the Midlands.

So we did what all right minded people do… started our own company with the specific aim of promoting and selling artisan produced products which were unknown in the area.


The name…

There are 2 main reasons behind the name of our company; the first was the link to the Peregrine Falcons which nest within the confines of Derby Cathedral; the second being Lisa’s slight obsession with reading about polar exploration and Robert Falcon Scott, a British Explorer.

It all just seem to fit together rather nicely.


Our aims…

Our original aim of bringing something different to the Midlands still rings true to what we do now. We regularly look for new and inspiring products to showcase at our events and market through the wholesale side of our business. 

We enjoy getting to know the background to the products as well as the producers, so we can impart this knowledge to our customers. We work with a lot of small, family owned businesses & vineyards who put their heart and soul into their products, and have a lot of pride in what they do.

The ethos we work with is ‘if you can find it in the mainstream supermarkets, you won’t find it on our shelves.’ 

Our Changes…

Falcon Food & Spirits has changed immeasurably since 2012. We initially started out as an online business but we started to exhibit at events, which organically moved towards offering a bar service… well, we do sell some rather scrumptious Prosecco and fine wines so it was a natural progression.

We also had a retail space for 2.5 years in the Cathedral Quarter part of Derby City but made the decision to close this part of the business down in April 2017 to concentrate on the wholesale side of the business and exhibiting at events with Bella, our modified cararvan into a mobile bar.



Our Future…

Our wholesale side to Falcon Food & Spirits will continue to offer a great range of new and exciting products to the Midlands area, working with restaurants, bistros and independent retailers to promote the fantastic range of small producers in and around the UK and Europe.

Our Prosecco Bar service will continue to be offered at specific events (see our events page for further details) with a great choice and selection of wines and cocktails on offer.

We are really happy with how Falcon Food & Spirits has evolved over the years and we are excited to see where the upcoming years take us.


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