Prosecco Parlour & Gift Shop

Since the formation of Falcon Food & Spirits Ltd in 2012 it seems as though we’ve changed direction a few times and done things that we never thought we would. One of the directions we took was opening up our own shop, the Prosecco Parlour & Gift Shop, something I personally had never considered as a possibility when we were jotting down our thoughts on how we wanted the business to grow over the years.

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Introducing…. Bella the vintage Prosecco Parlour

Bella Logo

We are thrilled with our new addition to our family business, a vintage caravan which has been renovated into a mobile bar and lovingly named ‘Bella the vintage Prosecco Parlour.’  Read more…

Getting to know you… Cathedral Quarter Rangers

We love our shop. And we love the community we have around us, such as other retailers, professional services, cafes etc, all part of what is known as the Cathedral Quarter area of Derby City.

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Summer Market 2016

We spent the weekend of 2nd and 3rd July 2016 doing something we really enjoy… running the Prosecco Bar at the Summer Market!

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To sense or not to sense, that is the question…

Casting my mind back to when I was a student in the early ’00’s’, I recall detesting wine, and I really mean detesting it.

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What to do with cork?

We can’t lie, we have a lot of cork.

Mostly from events when we’re popping the Prosecco and wine bottles at speedy rates, and we’re left with bags full of corks that I can’t bring myself to get rid off for some reason.

So what to do with cork?

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Prosecco, Champagne and Cava explained….

“So, what’s the difference between Prosecco and Champagne?” is a question we hear a lot in our line of work.

Well, it would seem odd if we didn’t as we have both Prosecco and Champagne lining our shelves, and our shop is called the Prosecco Parlour, but we came to realise that even with the vast amount of information out there on this subject, people are still unsure as to what all the jargon means.

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Spring Market Blog

On 20th March 2015 we found ourselves at the the Spring Market at the Roundhouse, Pride Park.

Well, it wasn’t just by chance that we found ourselves there, we are avid fans of the event and made sure we booked a space to run our Prosecco Bar. And luckily for us, we managed to ‘book in’ some time (read: run around quickly to see the venue whilst frantically taking photographs) to see who else was there.

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Wine Tasting: the basic steps

The basic steps of wine tasting really aren’t as complicated as you may think they are.


Red wine with shadowThe words wine tasting may conjure up an evening in a darkened room full of wine enthusiasts, surrounded by half empty (or half full, depending on your general disposition in life) glasses containing clear white, pink rose or deep ruby red wines from around the world, whilst descriptive words are being thrown around like they’re running out of fashion and lots of ‘oh yes, I can really taste the delicateness of the berries coming through”… or this could possibly just be my imagination playing tricks with me again. But whatever you think of, there are some pretty standard basics to follow in order to ensure you really get the most out of your wine tasting experience, which is why we have decided to start off with the basic steps to this enjoyable past time.

Meat dishNow, the analogy we use when describing wine tasting is when you go to a posh restaurant and are presented with a delicious plate of exquisite food; you look at the presentation of the food, maybe take a picture to upload onto Facebook to show your friends, poke it with your fork to decide which lucky morsal is going to be nibbled at first, comment on your partner’s food too (hey, maybe even ‘try’ that too), inhale the aromas coming off the plate, and then you finally eat it, picking out your favourite parts and flavours and deciding whether you would have this particular dish in the future again.


Or you could do a Homer Simpson and guzzle the entire plate without really noticing what you’re doing so the only organ to really touch base with the food is your stomach. We advise against doing a Homer for wine tasting… you’ll see why

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It’s the start of wedding season…

21st February 2016 was a great day; the weather was fresh and crisp, we were full of energy for our first event of the year and it felt as though wedding season had truly started.

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